Current Headlines

Rebuilding lives in Puerto Rico

World Renew and ADRA team up with local partners to rebuild homes damaged by last year’s hurricanes READ MORE

School drills may be harmful

Active shooter practices may reshape how a generation of students views school

Hugs, prayers, cupcakes with volunteers

Disaster response teams find much more than just construction in area damaged by Hurricane Harvey.

Volunteers find many ways to help

'We need everything, and we welcome everything,' Puerto Rican survivor says.

News By Others

2016 floods still challenge survivors

Week of Compassion and INCARelief collaborate to rebuild damaged homes in Louisiana.

Wildfires prompts mission re-examination

Federated PC-USA and UMC faith community change to narrative budget brings stewardship success.

Multiple skills help pastor in response

Pastor, electrician, mediator, social worker, are all skills of the MDS Puerto Rico disaster coordinator.

Brethren plan PR disaster response

Working with its Puerto Rico district, Brethren disaster Ministries strategize how to best respond.

Disaster work is life-changing

Whether on a volunteer team helping survivors of Hurricane Irma or helping in case management, it is work of the heart.

Episcopal leaders meet TX survivors

'We are all in this together' Presiding Bishop assures Harvey residents.

News Briefs

Space weather threatens high-tech life

Geomagnetic storms can last several days and attack the lifeblood of modern technology: electricity.

'0 tolerance' doesn't make school safer

Return of strict discipline may increase violent incidents, not reduce them..

Equity often missing in redevelopment

Sustainable cities need more than parks, cafes and a riverwalk

Why do gun makers get protection?

The economic and political clout of the gun industry produced Federal law in 2005.

Scientists explore cloud seeding impact

Field study finds that at least in some cases the technique works.

Water is often politics in Mexico

Scarcity of water, infrastructure dysfunction produce profiteers.