Current Headlines

Pain from 9/11 remains strong

Researching impact on those too young to remember life before the strikes. READ MORE

Churches respond to Father's Day flooding

Episcopal diocese helps flooded survivors in northern Michigan flooding.

2016 floods still challenge survivors

Week of Compassion and INCARelief collaborate to rebuild damaged homes in Louisiana.

Volunteer training held in Spanish

UMCOR introduces new Spanish resources for TX disaster responders

News By Others

Volunteers address unmet needs

World Renew teams interview more than 500 survivors of Hurricane Harvey who are still seeking aid.

10 ways churches plan for disasters

UMC insurer publishes disaster guide for local churches

Volunteers care for Hawaiian children

Team from Children's Disaster Services deployed to help volcano survivors.

What makes a community resilient?

Stanford University study explores how communities recover — or fail to recover — from disasters.

Volunteers rebuild island churches

American Baptist Home Mission Societies help Puerto Rico residents

Rebuilding lives in Puerto Rico

World Renew and ADRA team up with local partners to rebuild homes damaged by last year’s hurricanes

News Briefs

Study finds climate -- mental health link

Researchers predict 40,000 more suicides as temperatures rise.

3D guns latest to fly under radar

Gun kits, 3D printed guns, brings focus back to gun manufacturing that's on the edge.